A downloadable game for Windows


I got the game finally... It's the one I was talking to you about on the bus. The first person, first ever, sci-fi/fantasy, MMO-RPG-RTS-FPS!!! It's like the Mandalorian, but also like Lord of the Rings. There are dragons, and spaceships, and imps. There's this guy called Jordax enslaving the planet and we need to kick his ass. I remember the name now, it's called Uldun Yue and this team called Big Pok made it (dunno if they are still in business).

 I already built my own boat that carries four (sorry Sami, you're swimming). When you get in the game, make your way to Da Bog, it's the main town and we'll meet up and I'll hook you up with some gear so you don't suck right away.

It's so hype. Just download it already and msg me. I'm playing it now!


UldunYue.zip 30 MB


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That's how many Dings I clobbered with just one swing of my uncommon lawn chair


Nah, the password is "BigOSexyEmpeROAR".

Keep it quiet and don't pass it on


Great job getting your hands on the crack. Took a bit of setup but it was so worth it.


No Probs. If you don't have a guild yet, jump on BrooDWatcH. We got the most wood on the server

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fuck off i'll make my own boat

the password is "goldswimmingcertificate", get busy

nah, jokes


Yo Big O... You put a password on the zipfile bud what year is it lmfaoo

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also lol

oh yea the password is "BigOSexyEmpeROAR"

don't share it outside the group, I use it everywhere