The captain's orders are clear: "Keep the crew well fed!"

As a farmer on a spaceship, you must play your cards right to grow crops despite the impact of space travel anomalies.

Rules of Card Game:

  • Complete a series of increasingly difficult challenges, harvesting a quota of Crops before a certain number of Days.
  • Crops need optimal conditions of exactly 1 Sun and 1 Water at the end of the Day to Grow.  Any more or less and they will stay as they are.
  • Crops have 3 stages of growth: Seedling, Sapling, Mature. Crops are harvested as soon as they reach the Mature growth stage.
  • Sun values reset to 0 at the end of the Day, but Water values carry over.
  • Crops cannot hold more than 2 Water at the end of the Day.
  • Crops cannot have negative Sun or negative Water values at the end of the Day.

There are 5 special cards:

  • Cover caps the Sun on the crop to 1 at the end of the Day.
  • Drain empties the Water from the crop, and prevents addition of Water until the end of the Day.
  • GMO doubles the next growth of the crop.
    • The GMO status is removed when the crop grows.
  • Fertilizer add 1 Sun, 1 Water, and the Fertilizer Status to the crop.
    • The Fertilizer status is removed when the crop grows.
  • Force Grow grows a crop to the mature stage and harvests it.
    • Force Grow can only be played on crops with the Fertilizer status.

How to play:

  • Using your mouse, Left-click and hold on card to grab card.
  • Move card onto crop of choice.
  • Let go of left-click to drop card onto crop.
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Authorsolivieryc, Oiral, karidyas
GenreCard Game
TagsDeck Building, Farming, Ludum Dare 52, Space, Space Sim, Unity, Vector
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Harvestar Spaceship 27 MB

Install instructions

How to install:

  • Download "Harvestar Spaceship".
  • Unzip "Harvestar Spaceship" to folder of your choice.
  • Execute "Harvestar Spaceship Farmer.exe"

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