Group Soup

A game about eating soup together. Each player has a spoon for the shared bowl. Eat ingredients and broth, swirl ingredients your way or away from the others. Enjoy every bite on your way to a delicious meal!

Controllers or Keyboard

  • Use controllers for more fun!
  • To start or restart, press [RETURN].
  • Player 1 = [A] to scoop, [S] to swirl.
  • Player 2 = [C] to scoop, [V] to swirl.
  • Player 3 = [N] to scoop, [M] to swirl.
  • Player 4 = [L] to scoop, [;] to swirl.

Entry for the Open Jam Aotearoa edition, made by:

  • Pascal Cross
  • Sami Habib
  • Kunyang Ji
  • Lisa Seeto
  • Olivier Chrun


Download 20 MB

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